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We define your App Mobile and WEB ( Javascript, .py, .java, .c) and keep your legacy system that control commerce and with App e-commerce, also sell travel on car, definition of application of demonstration of geographical position of passengers and bus/train/car.

Development with IOT-BEACON to project for the retail sales of the TMG S / A group, who works in retail and custom internet sales in Gibraltar.

Development of location intelligence solution with HCode-framework customized to support the average passenger use for the city of Paramaribo, Petropolis-RJ, Alicante-ES.

We live since JAVASCRIPT was a script that only worked in Netscape, remember? ...age, do we understand multi-layer web software ?

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We are a company with experience in software development, development apps MOBILE, develop plan to CYBERSECURITY, construct one BIGDATA and therefore we have lived from times that the web was a "small wave"- Until 2004 our company ON

We are part of a team of IOT specialists using BEACON, technology partners

We define projects of Seamless App


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Information security today is not a privilege but a necessity in every organization!

Information systems protection must include:
The security of the hardware and software systems The security of the information in the content The security of the communication components It is important for you to know - when you connect to the Internet without protection, the penetration of your computers will be easy and simple and your information will be hacked by everyone, even on a personal level and especially in regards to business.
We at 'HamechCode and Uri Technah' have the knowledge and ability to provide you with all the necessary tools to protect you and prevent the infiltration of malicious parties.
Our team has professional knowledge in all stages and in all the different formats of information security levels Physical, Data, Presentation, Application link, Network, Transport, Session

Computer Programming

Development Python, Java, Javascript, Swift C, Dart, COBOL, React Native, React JS, Angular, Vue.
Experience design Machine Learning automation and security
Experience adjust, tunning database PortGreSQL, Oracle, NOSQL and server app Python and Java, Kubenets and componentization with redesign of monolytic software projects
Support service Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.
We're development and know, experience with OS Unix, Linux servers ( base OS internet/ web )


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